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Photo Essay: Fallen Angels

11 Black and White Photos Highlighting the Human Condition on Skid Row

It’s no secret Los Angeles has a homeless crisis and what used to be tabu, now is a situation many Angelinos can’t ignore. The homeless population is growing, and so are the symptoms associate with a vast problem involving the lack of humanitarian services happening in the streets of Skid Row. In this black & white photo series photographer Suit Case Joe catches the Fallen Angels. Joe captures the human sorrow many relate to.

If they are families with children, they should call 211 and they should be given a motel voucher for that night, and get into services very rapidly. If they are single adults, they can go to the cold weather shelter through March 31. It is at the VA in Brentwood, but they will need to catch the bus at the Venice Skate Park at the beach at 5, 6, or 7 pm daily. If they want food, shower, medical care, and other services, the People Concern access center at 5th and Olympic is open 7 days/week. If someone is on the street and you are worried about them, you can go to and enter as much information as possible. A trained homeless outreach worker (not a police officer) will come out and check on them within a day or two, and offer them services.

Abby Arnold, Director at Universalist Unitarian Santa Monica stated in an email. Artist Suit Case Joe wants to bring attention to homelessness in Los Angeles that surpasses records high.

The following images contain graphic content!

Michelle is a woman I see from time to time, who I believe suffers from some form of mental illness. Today I found her in good spirits while she used a store front door to examine herself in its reflection. She told me she was looking at her bones, the way they stick out, and that they’ve always stuck out that way. It didn’t come across as a negative observation of herself, but rather just an observation. It reminded me of growing up and looking at myself in the mirror as my body was going through changes. A thing that we all do, but privately in our own homes. I found it humbling to see her doing this out on the sidewalk where anyone could watch her. #skidrowla #skidrowlosangeles #skidrow #downtownlosangeles #downtownla #losangeles #streetlife #streetlifephoto #streetphotography #suitcasejoe

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Stephanie tells me she hates living in Skid Row. She is not treated well because she is Transgender and it brings about her depression. When I caught up with her she was taking a walk after having spent the last six days in bed from feeling low. She’s excited for the day when she can finally afford to live somewhere else. Although the progressive world is changing, many people still have old school point of views about the LGBT community and don’t treat them with the respect that all humans deserve. Unfortunately progress is a slow process. #skidrowlosangeles #skidrowla #skidrow #losangeles #dtla #downtownlosangeles #streetlife #streetlifephotography #streetphotography #transgender #suitcasejoe

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On the left: He’s known around the community as the Skid Row Barber and he’s been out here everyday, cutting hair and giving shaves, for the last twenty five years. With a passion for what he does, and a genuine love for the residents of Skid Row, he doesn’t charge for a cut or a shave. He likes that a fresh cut can uplift someones spirit. He tells me he wouldn’t want a barber shop. Barber shops charge too much, and he’d rather be out on the streets where the people are who need it the most. He’s been living in Skid Row for somewhere around forty years and he hopes someone picks up his craft and carries it on after him. Someone who cares about the neighborhood the way he does. #skidrowbarber #skidrowlosangeles #skidrowla #skidrow #downtownlosangeles #dtla #losangeles #streetlife #streetlifephoto #streetphotography #bnwstreet #blackandwhite #suitcasejoe

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