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Summer Outfits for LA

It’s almost spring time and dress to impress is still a thing. If you’re in the city and wondering what to wear for a “casual” Friday afternoon/ evening (let’s say), here are five outfit style ideas you can use to inspire yourself.

Keep it business casual. You just don’t know who you might be running into. We recommend short sleeves with slacks to take it from lunch at noon to crunk at night.

business only

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Don’t forget that in the spring style is very much dictated by our surroundings so make yourself the favor to wear light, cool colors that are breezy and simple. Feel free to accessorize but not too much, like some shades. It’s bright out here.

Sunday’s in Istanbul Source: unknown

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As for guys, you can wear a button up, but maybe lose the inside shirt, open your chest and get your tan on.

Cigarette break Source: @anders_gran

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If you’re avoiding the sun for some reason, then do it with simplistic style and own it.

We know black is always in season, but don’t forget to make it relevant. The smart street wear wave in LA is unapologetic.

Left or right? Source: @reanishu

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Remember, nobody is judging you out here so make it count. Everybody loves tan shoulders so throw on your favorite spaghetti straps/ blouse because you’re what’s popping .

#kendalljenner wearing alyx studio hiking boots and a balenciaga graffiti tote bag

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Fun in the sun only with a fresh outfit. LA is watching, what will you wear? Let us know and stay hydrated.